Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Ice Ice Breakers

I had dinner with some new colleagues and their partners this evening. It’s funny how small social cues can change the feel of an evening. Our instructions: sit in small groups, eat wontons and drink punch, and then every 20 or 30 minutes move to a new table. Kind of like speed dating. Speed friending. And it was speedy—I had more meaningful chat with new folks tonight than I might have had in 3 months just left to my own devices. Tonight’s prescribed social shuffling was a relief to someone like me who has trouble mingling, especially when flying solo, especially without a splash of liquid courage to even my keel.

I think I have some genuine friends in the making, and certainly some mentors. I’m really grateful for the warm welcome here. Though it’s cold! OK, 50 degrees, but rainy, and cool enough to merit a second layer of clothes. Today I wore my cute permapleat summer dress that Esther gave me. I wore summer to spite the weather. Guess who won.

One new colleague and his wife offered to give me a (redundant, they discovered) microwave they moved all the way from the midwest. Very sweet! So now I can reheat that soup I made yesterday.

Also, I’m picking out checks for the first time in a long time. I think I’ve found my winner.

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