Saturday, March 26, 2011

Liberace Western Wear

When I moved to Spokane last summer, my thrifting focused mostly on housewares: dishes, a couch, a coffee table, latch hook art and gewgaws for home and office.
Yours truly models
a snazzy Rockmount Ranch
Wear blouse.
My quarters are in pretty fine shape now (dust topiary notwithstanding), so I’ve returned to my first love: clothes.
This week I’ve been in L.A. on Spring Break with my guy, John, my mom, and my brother. We nosed around some shops in Santa Monica and the Beverly Center, but I approach a Coach store or Tory Burch boutique more like little museums than places where I would actually transact business. I can’t even set foot in one without worry that I’ll set off some kind of hillbilly detector.
I felt most at home at Buffalo Exchange on La Brea. I know I’ve rhapsodized about BE before, but they’ve got my number. I visited that store last spring on a Friday night when the karaoke machine was fired up (patrons received $5 off their purchase if they signed up to sing).
I spied this white Rockmount Ranch Wear shirt and was seduced by its pearly snaps and tablecloth feel. At $4.50 (yay for 50% off tag!), I knew that even if I'd only wear it a couple of times this semester, I’d get my money’s worth.
Though I enjoy reading fashion blogs such as Fashionable Academics or Kendi Everyday in which the bloggers post pictures of themselves in their stylin’ outfit combos, I’m not ready to set up a tripod nor do I live with someone who can snap photos of me just-so. (I’m also not sure if this is a fashion blog or not, but my blog’s identity crisis can wait for another post).
To facilitate the clothing photography, I plan to make my own dress form one of these weekends. My artsy craftsy friends assure me it’s not that hard, and I think they'll come to my aid if I provide the cocktails.
But here I am in these photos. Why yes, that is a robin’s egg blue bra I’m wearing. My concept is Rihanna meets Liberace Cowgirl.
Note too the frilly cuffs and the sleeves (great joy) that are long enough for my dental floss arms!! 


  1. Wow! Congratulations!!! That's so cool. And the shirt is rad too.

  2. Congratulations! I'm so happy for you.

  3. Many thanks! :) I thought for a split second about a western themed wedding dress, but have decided otherwise (I'll save the fringe for a day look).

  4. I recently made a dress from thrift-store t-shirts and a spaghetti strap shirt. Way easy if you have/have access to a sewing machine.

  5. N, you are your own woman and I love it. Stay real girlfriend

  6. Ah, April, you have way more facility with a sewing machine than I do, though I like the idea of t-shirt + spaghetti straps = dress.

  7. Is there anything better than pearly buttons and eyelet cotton? If yes, the answer is RUFFLES!

  8. Ruffles make it all better. Yum. Ruffles would be a great name for a cat, too.

  9. Well the hillbilly comment cracked me up. Being from Kentucky I may have to use that sometime. Love the shirt, I love girly white shirts. The only question that remains to be answered is, "Did you sign up and sing and get the 5 bucks off?!?" Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier and commenting. I love having visitors, meeting other bloggers and finding new blogs.

  10. Hi, Debbie. Thanks for reading! I'm from WV, and I have a soft spot for the bluegrass state, too. As for $5-off karaoke, I would gladly have signed up, but I arrived there just as they were wrapping things up. Too bad! More stores should offer this kind of entertainment. I look forward to reading about more of your fashion finds!