Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Feelin' Souper

Autumn bringeth forth her bounty in Spokane. Not the farmers market, which I have yet to investigate.
Rather I’m amazed that I’ve lived here less than two weeks, and I’ve already crossed paths with many intriguing and generous people:
The guy peddling his Rolling Cones ice cream bike on Riverside, adjusting his speakers for the tingting calliope music.
The new friend who names her houseplants after famous female gymnasts from former Communist countries.
The yoga teacher who asked me to think about my higher self and taught an energetic 90-minute class even though I was the only student who showed up.
My new neighbor who wasn’t sketched out when I approached him on the sidewalk and said “You’re a guy. Can you fix this?” because I couldn’t get the rusty gate closed on the back of a truck I borrowed. Tyler and Frances, if you’re out there, I owe you dinner!

Also I reaped some autumn harvest gold at yet another thrift store in town.
I scored five of these plates. The design is a perfect backdrop for Morningstar Buffalo Wings heated in a toaster oven: a detail from the Flemish tapestry, "The Hunt of the Unicorn Circa Late 15th Century." I'll keep my eyes peeled for the Narwhal Series!
And now I’ve made my first soup in this apartment. The recipe is a favorite, Red Lentil, from 101cookbooks.com
This Corningware bowl with a handle was another of today's finds. I'm pretty sure my Nana Sheets had a casserole dish or two with this same ca. 1975 pattern. 

I’m still short on counter space. And spoons and forks. Secondhand stores in this town have tons of knives, bins of knives, but little else in the cutlery way. Alanis Morissette might find Spokane thrifting downright ironic.

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