Sunday, September 5, 2010

One Degree of Separation

“Are you free? Are you vegetarian?”
Ths txt ws vry promising.

I wish I could say I whipped up the feast pictured here, but I only lucked into it thanks to a friend of a friend (who henceforth I think I can consider my own firsthand friend).
Indie-style teacher and homeowner Harmony (of last month’s posts) put me in touch with Sarah, a college buddy of hers. Harmony is my Kevin Bacon.
After a couple of weeks of email tag, Sarah and I managed to meet tonight when she and her fiancé were cooking up steaks and shrimp. The menu sounded decadent enough to get my attention. 
Am I vegetarian?
I explained that I try to be 80% vegetarian, but I could easily count the seafood and beef toward my 20% omnivore. 
Am I free? Well, sometimes I'm my own worst enemy, clipping my own wings, smothering my own joy, that kind of thing. But yeah, I had no plans.
I should clarify that the “shrimp” mentioned in Sarah's text invite were not little anemic commas with spicy ketchup. These were food-pleasure-coma-inducing bundles wrapped in prosciutto and basil to be eaten by the skewer-full. Well, and there was the steak. And potatoes. And green bean salad studded with pecorino.
Oh, dear.
Left to my own devices, I might eat a wedge of Costco cheese and drink a Diet Coke and call it dinner (though not always—see last night’s post about the Kale Thing. Look at me taking care of me!)
But a meal with others is something to get excited about. A “potluck” exceeds its parts. And really “potluck” suggests the specter of casseroles and crockpots and mayonnaise-based salads.
Tonight’s meal was a merging of gourmet minds.
Earlier today I had lunch at The Elk, a nearby restaurant, with a new colleague, his wife (who preached this morning), and their infant son (wearing this season's rainbow leg warmers).
I think I’m going to like it here. 


  1. I'm so glad you could come over- love your blog. The description of the shrimp was great. Matt was disappointed in them, so I guess this means we'll have to try again! Hurray! *tiny clapping*
    You forgot to include your most scrumptious brownie desert, topped with ice cream and fresh strawberries, in the meal menu. I haven't had brownies that have made me want to melt them and bathe in them. Hmm. Weird. dot dot dot. :-)
    We'll see you again soon! --Sarah

  2. all well and good but do NOT let me catch you making disparaging remarks about mayonaisse-based salads ever again! <3